What is Cloud?
Virtualization, the major push in the industry over the last several years, did great things to help reduce costs and shrink the Data Center. The next logical step from virtualization, Cloud computing (Cloud) takes the abstraction of the virtual from the physical to the extreme—dispersing resources and assets in ways never imagined in the physical computing world.

Cloud computing technologies are designed to collect clusters of resources, then logically ration them out among their consumers in a scalable and elastic fashion. They provide the ability to define services once and offer them to many via a catalog, providing more consistent deployments and reducing ‘one-off deploy’ issues and costs.

Numerous Cloud configurations have emerged—Public, Private, Hybrid—providing nearly endless options to IT customers. Clouds computing services are available as well in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Services (PaaS), and others. Virtualization professionals, such as the senior engineers and subject-matter experts (SMEs) at NDS can help sort out the options.

How Does the Cloud Help You?
Implemented correctly, the Cloud can offer almost immediate savings, or scalability, or whatever your IT objectives might be. Among Cloud’s numerous attributes are elasticity, automation, self-service, improved uptime with service-level agreements, catalogues, and multi-tenancy. But there are just as many caveats—security, disaster recovery, and other concerns that come with the loss of control that IT department managers enjoyed in the physical world. Many organizations are already experiencing ‘virtual sprawl’—a consequence of improper planning. The new challenge is managing all the assets, and getting control back in your hands.

NDS and The Cloud

At NDS, we realize that designing a cloud solution involves an organization as much as it involves technologies. We work closely with you to understand what Cloud means to you, because that’s what really matters. Then we work with you to define an achievable roadmap: defining incremental growth steps through Assessments of:

  • Governance
  • Current Business Practices
  • People
  • Process

We have the experience. NDS has built Private Cloud capabilities for the most demanding military customers, and integrated distributed architectures into Cloud environments for large federal agencies. We can be your proven partner to identifying the right directions for your road to the Cloud.