Data Center

What is Data Center?
Traditional Data Centers consume a substantial portion of corporate resources through power consumption, space utilization, complex maintenance, and stove-piped systems. The Modern Data Center is moving to a more dense, virtualized environment that maximizes Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) and netting a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

How Does Data Center Help You?
Utilizing cutting edge storage, server, network, and virtualization technology—hallmarks of the Modern Data Center—can help your organization dramatically increase capacity, decrease the ‘footprint,’ and provide a more efficient, lower cost solution for your Data Center. You get the best of all worlds: improved performance at lower cost, with greater flexibility and scalability. NDS has a proven track record in successfully implementing the latest Data Center technology—and we firmly believe Smaller Is Better.

NDS and Data Center

No longer divided into neat taskings when it comes to IT personnel, Data Center technology is changing at breakneck pace. In today’s environment, it takes the best IT professionals with a holistic view of all aspects of Data Center—from racking equipment to optimizing your WAN, and everything in between. At NDS we leverage our subject- matter experts (SMEs) and industry partnerships in storage, compute, virtualization, and Cloud to:

  • Provide detailed data collection analysis of your existing environment
  • Develop ROI and TCO calculations based on existing infrastructure
  • Design, engineer, and implement to increase ROI and decrease TCO by increasing your virtual footprint while reducing your physical one

Our senior engineers and SMEs are constantly working—both within our lab and on-site with customers—to develop cutting-edge configurations in our lab, based on emerging technologies, including:

  • Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS)
  • NetApp, EMC, DDN, Dell
  • UCS/NetAPP Flexpod
  • Nutanix – Data Center In a Box
  • Cisco Data Center routing and switching
  • Riverbed WAN Acceleration
  • Riverbed LAN Acceleration and Network modeling / Analysis
  • VMware Virtualization
  • Citrix Virtualization