What Are NDS Consulting Services?
NDS is a technology-focused organization that maintains a team of dedicated core professionals expert in designing, engineering, and supporting optimal IT solutions. NDS Services cover the gamut from Consulting to Design, Engineering, Operations and Maintenance, and Help Desk Support.

How NDS Consulting Services Can Help You?
When evaluating new IT solutions, the right strategy is critical. Maybe your equipment is aging, or you’re considering virtualization, or you’ve virtualized your server infrastructure, but not your network. Perhaps you’re thinking of undertaking a desktop-virtualization initiative. In any case, NDS’s senior engineers and subject matter experts (SMEs) can help you take the right steps forward, costly and avoid mistakes.

NDS Consulting Services

As a small company, NDS understands what it means to do more with less. We can identify with customers’ needs to solve complex problems with shrinking budgets. We’re particularly adept at working with customers to develop cost-effective, high-quality solutions. Whether in the field of of networks, systems, storage, information security or IT project management, NDS will strive to develop focused solutions, while promoting simplicity that allows for continued life-cycle support after we’ve gone. Our services in the core capabilities of data centers, virtualization and cloud, enterprise systems and solutions and force mobilization include:

  • Data Center Assessment
  • Information Security Consulting
  • Infrastructure Engineering and Design
  • Turn-key Engineering, Furnish, Installation and Test (EFI&T)
  • Network Design, Optimization and WAN Acceleration
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Staff Augmentation