What is Virtualization?
Simply put, Virtualization separates IT resources and services from the underlying physical hardware and delivery of those services. It’s the most noteworthy trend in IT over the last decade, and an extremely broad initiative. Among its key benefits is hardware-independence—Virtual machines are highly portable, and can be moved or copied to any industry-standard hardware platform, regardless of make or model. Today, the definition has broadened to networks, desktops, and mobile environments. In each case, Virtualization facilitates adaptive IT resource management and greater responsiveness to changing business conditions.

How Can Virtualization Help You?
By enabling multiple operating systems and applications to run on a single physical server or ‘host,’ Virtualization is the foundation for your organization to save money, energy, and space. Accessing multiple resources from a single server means fewer servers, less energy consumption, and less maintenance. Carrying the concept a step further—to virtual infrastructure solutions for the enterprise—multiplies the benefits to your organization. These include:

  • Server Consolidation and Containment – Eliminating ‘server¬ sprawl’ via deployment of virtual machines that run safely and move transparently across shared hardware, can increase server utilization rates from 5-15% to 60-80%
  • Test and Development Optimization – Rapidly provisioning test and development servers by reusing pre-configured systems will enhance developer collaboration and standardize development environments
  • Business Continuity – Encapsulating entire systems into single files that can be replicated and restored on any target server can reducing the cost and complexity of busi-ness continuity—high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) solutions—minimizing downtime
  • Enterprise Desktop – Layering a se¬curity policy in software around desktop virtual machines makes possible securing unmanaged PCs, workstations, and laptops without compromising end-user autonomy

NDS and Virtualization

Taking advantage of new Virtualization technologies, sourcing, and variable cost models in your Data Center has exciting potential, but requires thoughtful planning and an up-to-date knowledge base. Working with NDS can ensure your infrastructure adapts to the changing boundaries and capabilities of your systems. We have proven assets, deep skills, and solid partnerships with software and hardware providers, and other industry leaders. And we can draw upon extensive experience to provide Virtualization solutions and services that optimize IT service delivery, and continuously align with your business objectives.

Virtualizing servers, storage, and infrastructure is what we do. We’ve successfully undertaken massive virtualization efforts for numerous customers in the Department of Defense (DoD) and elsewhere. We can bring the same resources to bear on your Virtualization project:

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Strong Partner Relationships: VMware, NetApp, Cisco, Microsoft, Quest
  • Deep experience Developing Roadmaps and Virtualization strategies
  • Solid Performance on federal and DoD Virtualization projects
  • Analysis and Assessments