Working with an 8(a) Alaska Native Company


Working together with both large and small companies to reach common goals, we are actively seeking additional partnering opportunities which will benefit all parties and enhance the ability to win new contracts. NDS brings a solid reputation for excellence, quality, and value into each partnership opportunity.


Nisga’a Data Systems, LLC (NDS) is an Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC) and 8(a) certified Small Disadvantaged Business established in 2007. A subsidiary of Goldbelt Incorporated, NDS, has access to and works with other Goldbelt Incorporated 8(a) companies. There is a government-wide goal of awarding 23% of all prime contract dollars to small business, and 3% of total prime contract dollars for small disadvantaged businesses, including 8(a) concerns. Alaska Native Corporations (ANC) and Tribal owned 8(a) companies have special advantages:

  • Large business have subcontracting goals calling for them to make sure a similar proportion of the subcontracts they award go to small and 8(a) businesses.
  • The Department of Defense (DoD) has directed that prime contractors, who use Native American organizations and/or Native American-owned economic enterprises, shall be entitled to a 5 percent rebate when they subcontract work to an Native American organization and/or subcontract commercial products manufactured in whole or in part by an Native American organization.
  • SBA and FAR regulations permit contracting agencies to “set-aside” contracts so only 8(a) firms are eligible to compete for them.
  • The government can “sole source” 8(a) contracts to a single 8(a) company. Thus, ANC’s can receive Sole Source Awards with no Competition, no Prior Advertisement and no protests from competitors
  • There is no Sole Source Dollar Threshold for ANCs 8(a). Thus ANCs can be awarded contracts with no upper ceiling based upon the maximum estimate of the requirement.
  • The typical A-76 outsourcing process is minimized in direct conversion of activities and / or functions typically performed by DOD.
  • The contract award process can be completed in weeks, versus the usual and lengthy contract acquisition process. This saves time and increases cash flow.
  • Business concerns owned by a single ANC or Tribe are NOT considered “affiliates” of one another by virtue of their common ownership or control.