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Who We Are

Small, Agile, and Innovative

With Nisga’a Data Systems, your mission is possible, every step of the way – from cybersecurity to mission support to comprehensive intelligence support services, we have your back. Our primary focuses are Intelligence Support Services, Administration Support Services, Program Management Support Services, Training, Logistics, Cyber Security, Defense Cyber Operations, and Mission Assurance. Our customers include the Defense Intelligence Agency, the U.S. Pacific Air Force, the U.S. Army, and the Department of State.

Niga’a Data Systems skillfully combines the agility and low overhead of a small business with the financial strength and administrative resources of a large business through our parent company, Goldbelt, Inc., an Alaska Native Corporation.

Our parent company was established as a result of the Alaska Native claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971. Goldbelt companies provide a broad portfolio of services to government clients with close to 200 NAICS, providing Nisga’a Data Systems with a $500 million support infrastructure to support contracts that are typically a challenge for smaller companies. Nisga’a Data Systems is honored to pair our technical skills and expertise with the reach-back and administrative support that Goldbelt provides.